The Christmas Store Details

The Christmas Store will be open Wednesday, December 19th through Friday, December 21st. We will start at 5:30pm and go until 9:30pm.

The Christmas Store will be at the Nicholasville United Methodist Church which is located at 303 West Maple Street located behind the Courthouse.

If you are in need, please talk with your child’s Family Resource Director at the middle and high schools as well as Providence.



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2 responses to “The Christmas Store Details

  1. Brenda Cobb

    I am a member at NUMC, and this ministry touches my heart, because I have Grandchildren of this age, and I feel this age is sometimes left out of the mainstream of the needy. Not because of need, but because I know of the desires and hopes of this age group, I would love to be a part of this blessing.

  2. Thanks Brenda – we look forward to meeting you and having you be apart of The Christmas Store – please feel free to sign-up under our Volunteer page or you can email me at Thanks – Trudy

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